The services we provide include:
  • salt water hauling
  • mud hauling
  • sack mud hauling
  • fresh water hauling
  • liquid flow-back hauling
  • tubing and rod hauling
Star Well takes pride in the fleet of vacuum transports it provides to the petroleum industry.  Our late model vacuum trailer trucks with 130 barrel, lined, vacuum trailers are capable of hauling oil, mud, salt water, oil base mud, kcl water, fresh water, liquid flow-back well hauling, and tubing and rod hauling.

Prior to commencing any job, our equipment is internally washed and cleaned  to prevent contamination of material to be hauled for the new well operator.

Each vacuum transport is equipped with quick release opening valves to support fracing procedures and the discharge of fluids and minimize unloading time thereby reducing the cost of services to the well operator.

Each of the vacuum trailer trucks is equipped wiith a Gould Gear Pump with a capacity of 150 PSI pumping pressure.  The unit also has a Viking vacuum pump with the capability of pulling up to 20 points of vacuum.  Each vacuum trailer is equipped with 50 feet of 3 inch quick coupling rubber hoses.